Sunday, May 22, 2011


I know, I know, I know.
You're thinking, "Geeze Jessi, you certainly took long enough"
I apologize profusely and humbly implore for your gracious forgiveness.
My life has been a train wreck lately and most of my days have been spent much like a headless chicken.
I'm here now, right!? And I have loads of fun stuff and news for you.

We'll begin with my recent conquest. Back during spring break I purchased a gorgeous wooden desk which someone had defaced with a horrid varnish. I've been working to restore it and use it to create a workspace for myself now that I am home from college. It had been a slow process, but I've made a great deal of progress working on it a bit each day.
I'm excited for it to be finished. The drawers are all sanded and ready for stain or varnish, whichever I decide to use.

Today while shopping with my Mom {who is another reason I've been so long in posting. She just recently had surgery and I've been helping take care of her. I know, right? Graduation which Holly told you about, then my Mom's surgery, and some personal relationship issues. Now you see why it took me so long!) I found these adorable little cupcake place card/photo holders. Aren't they adorable!?

        They were so adorable I had to bring two home with me!

In other news, I was happy to receive a package I'd been waiting for in the mail. It contained lots of fun stuff for cross stitching. I already have several projects in the planning stages and will hopefully have new things for you guys soon. Pictured with my crossstich supplies is a bunch of yarn I was given by Holly during a sleep over craft fest we had recently. I have more than I know what to do with. I promise to have at least SOMETHING new in the next few days.
 Well I do have SOMETHING for you before I go. Didn't think I was going to leave you empty handed did you? Of course not! I've begun my line of hats and so far I am pleased with what I've decided and what I have done so far. Today I have an example of the Classy Holly. Which will be one of the many designs I offer. The Classy Holly is a very dainty slouchy hat which looks even more adorable on someones head than on my mannequin.

I promise to have more hats and cross-stitch for you guys soon.
Until next time.
Live well, laugh often, and love much.
❤ Jessi

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