Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So so so so so sorry.

Hey guys, it's Coco. And I am so sorry for how long I've been away without a decent post. I've been really busy working on stuff that I can't post and fighting with my camera to get decent pictures of stuff that I can. But I'm here now and I am damn well going to post. So let's do this!

A few weeks ago Holly and I came up with the idea that I would cross stitch some tags to put in tote bags and other such fabric projects that we will be making and though I haven't quite made one that we can use yet, I have attempted.
Tadaa! It ended up a bit big for a tag but I may throw it in a bag or something anyway.

Since Holly and I both had free time last Tuesday we got together at my house for "Tag Sewing Tuesday" which turned out to be more "Jewelry designing/tag sewing/generally catching up and ranting while watching Asian movies Tuesday" which reminded me of why I love Holly and consider her to be one of my best friends. Despite the lack of tags sewn we did make some pieces for the shop (which my camera is failing at capturing decent pictures of).
This is the necklace I made.
Sorry for the bad pictures. These are the best I got.
I used four different types of chain to complete the piece.
As well as some vintage crystals I found on Etsy.
Which went stunningly with random charms and beads from my own collection.

Sadly that is all of the productivity that I can report from Tag Sewing Tuesday, unless making fajitas for dinner counts.

Over the weekend I took a roadtrip to Maryland with my good friend Jessi who writes over at Because the Heart Won't Quit. We embarked on our journey in the dead of night, determined to get to Baltimore with hours to spare before seeing Yellowcard, Hey Monday, All Time Low, and The Summer Set in concert. Hmm, I wonder if anyone can tell who I went to see. But anyway we left around one in the morning for the long drive which I stayed awake for most of (mainly because I am incapable of sleeping in a moving vehicle) but boredom was near-lethal; so as soon as it was light out I busted out my craft supplies and started cross stitching. What? Who cross stitches and brings craft supplies on a roadtrip? This bitch does. And I churned out some pretty awesome gifts for people, I'll have you know.
On the left is a sampler Holly asked me to sew for Quinn (well, she asked for the red ghost. The cherries and heart were my idea) and on the right is my Mother's Day gift to my mommy. I decided after finishing the first piece that the theme of these gifts would be love in the world of Pacman... or something along those lines.

Speaking of gifts, I have changed my mind on one of my birthday gifts. Instead of getting a Kindle (which I would probably never have time to read on anyway) I got mom to buy me a huge bunch of supplies that will help me in my newest quest; learning to hand embroider. But more on all of that later; I have to get a shower and get ready for work now.

Love and kisses (digitized or otherwise),

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  1. Absolutely love the pacman pieces and enjoyed getting to see them in progress. The one for your Mom turned out great ^_^.


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