Thursday, May 12, 2011

newest member to our crafty family!

good morning everyone! 

i know i have already told you about our lovely friend jessi from over @ because the heart won't quit  but know i would like to formally introduce her, because she will officially be joining us as a member of order & chaos. this means you will be hearing alot more from her, as she will now be posting on this blog as well! 

jessi is and always has been one of my dearest friends, not to mention she gives me free psych consults every now and again. haha! just like the rest of us here at O&C she was one of our highschool friends. yes, everyone in O&C as of now has been friends for a very very very looooong time (especially amanda and i, i've known that bitch since 3rd grade, we're now both 22). 

my darling jessi is a tremendously talented writer but on top of this, she's also quite the crafter! recently, she's gotten very into making hats and scraves and all sorts of things. i won't dive to into it, i'll just let her tell you all about it later! 
last weekend, when jess and coco went on their trip to baltimore, the swapped creative techniques and due to this, i think there's going to be a ton of wonderful things coming your way!! 

she's starting to cross stitch thanks to the beautiful coco, here's what she's got so far!! (and yes, this was plucked from her facebook page, i cyberstalk my friends when the don't return my text messages! haha!)

well, i think that's enough for now. i'm going to get back to my doodling, coco and i've got some delightful things a-brewin' and i'm very excited to share them with you once we get alittle further with it!!


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