Friday, June 10, 2011

High hopes for today.

As it shall be another of those days where all four of us will be together (for a few hours, at least). Hopefully we'll have tons of fun stuff to share with you when we get back. I know three of us are hitting up a craft store for sure!  Hooray for sales! Especially on DMC! Even more hopefully we'll have a new picture of us for the page (with Jessi, and hopefully not me flipping off the camera though Holly will probably force me to take at least one of those). And let's hope that all of the other things we've got planned work out too. I can't reveal exactly what my plans are, but they include this man.

Isn't he adorable? (And somewhat ridiculous?) <3

Cryptic Coco likes to think she is more cryptic than she actually is. (It is a date.)

In other news, I sometimes wish certain things were interchangeable, like cornichons and cornish hens. Tiny full-grown pickles on my plate? Meh. Tiny full-grown chickens on my plate? Oh heckz yeah! 
These are the things I think about.

Calling it a blog,

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