Thursday, June 9, 2011

what a wonderful weekend PART 2

i'm back with the second part of my 'what a wonderful weekend' post. in my last post, i talked about jessi's grad party...this time i'm going to share pictures of the excellent time that my dad and i had down at the three rivers art's festival! 

 my dad and i have these traditions...there's certain festival and things that we go to EVERY year. just to name a few : the three river's arts fest, washington county fair, the greater pittsburgh renaissance festival, national pike gas, steam and horse show. we're major nerds! haha! 

i love it though!

my dad is my best bud! i swear if it wasn't for him (and quinn) i think my head would have exploded by now! 
i live for the arts festival! one of these years, i'm going to enter my work and try to have a booth! fingers crossed for next year!!!

dad's really cool, he's got a super long white beard and i think he looks like a wizard! haha! maybe he secretly is, wouldn't that be neato!

i think my favorite part of the festival this year was the puppet parade! that's mostly what i took pictures of and what i'm going to show you today! i really didn't take pictures of the art work, only because some of the artists i don't think would have appreciated it very much, having some nerdy girl get all up in their business with a camera! 
but the puppet parade was more than happy to have their pictures taken! enjoy!!

the last one, is probably my favorite out of the bunch! :) 
i hope you enjoyed my pictures!!! i know its getting really close to the weekend again already, so i'll probably have tons more to share next week! 
i've been working on a lot of projects and once my tattoo heals, i'll show you picture of it as well!!

have a super fun end of the week and weekend coming up!
keep it funky!


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  1. Those pictures had to be some of the most creepily whimsical things I have seen in a long time. And thanks to Regretsy, I really had to think about the proper way to spell whimsical. -C.


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