Wednesday, July 27, 2011

kennywood fun with dad!

hey all! yesterday, my dad and i went to our local amusement park...KENNYWOOD! we went later in the day and did the night rider thing, which was really nice. we spent about 4 and a half hours there and that was just enough time to get in all the coasters and a few other fun rides aaaand eat some yummy treats!
i took a few photos and thought i'd share them with you! enjoy!

yea i look pretty terrible in this last photo, but i like it anyways! if you were wondering what the heck in on my head, it's a chicken hat. we didn't buy those hats, though i think dad should have gotten that neato wooly hat! haha!

so this is the BEAUTIFUL necklace that i purchased last week from the ever talented oceanne , isn't it so lovely?! i'm going to be wearing it with the dress i bought for quinn's cousin's wedding in august. i'll post some better pictures of the entire outfit later! but i just wanted to show you how nice it hangs around the neck. it's such a delicate and pretty necklace, i couldn't be more pleased with this purchase! please go buy all of her things! she has many many gorgeous pieces!!!!

that's all for now dolls!!!

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