Monday, July 25, 2011

newest weekly segment!

hello all you adorable people! i hope you're enjoying the new look of the blog just as much as i am right now!
so this is the newest weekly segment here at O&C, inspiration monday is all about what i've been stalking for the week! i'm constantly searching for things to keep me motivated and inspired through my everyday hassles and annoyances. i am always searching through hundreds of pages of pictures and writing and recently i've been reading a ton of blogs (i'm going to be making a new pages of the ones i'm currently obsessed with)!
this week's inspiration monday is dedicated to FEATHERS! i'm really excited about feathers, i'm not going to lie. i've alway had a thing for them and birds themselves. i really like that feather are gaining popularity in the fashion and craft worlds. so here you go!

i really like this illustration. it kind of makes me just want to paint feather and nothing but for about an entire month.

anyone else completely smitten with feather hair extentions???
i totally am!

i've always been into having feathers in hair. i like that it's catching on! everyone's walking around looking like gypsies and its fantastic! i love it! 
i hope you like the first instalement of inspiration monday and that you got a little inspiration out of it yourself!! 

what's been inspiring you lately??? let me know!
*disclaimer***i do not own any of these photos. you can find them and their sources on pinterest on my boards here!


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