Sunday, July 24, 2011

quick check-in

yep, i'm changing things once again. and i'll tell you why....things were looking alittle depressing around here and that's not what we're about. we're all about the whimsy here at O&C and i felt like the blog wasn't conveying that. i know you guys are probably sick on me changing things every couple of weeks. but i promise i'll get it here soon!

there's going to be a few changes here and there this week. you'll notice the colors changing here and there and probably the header. the layout will stay the same but once i get things straightened out, i know you'll love it just as much as i do!

also, i'll be introducing the new weekly segment tomorrow! yay! so keep a look out for that!
and hopefully in about a 2 weeks i'll get to share some pretty big and EXCITING news!!! i'm so stoked to share it with you guys, keep your fingers crosses things go as planned and then i can tell you allllll about it!

holly <3

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