Tuesday, August 30, 2011

crafty photos and a giveaway tease!

i missed the vma's once again. i miss them every year, i always mean to watch them, but then when i actually get around to it, there's always something else i manage to be doing the night they're on...but i thought i'd throw out some gaga-love and share this video. there's alot of love/hate for gaga, i'm on the love end and i totally get it if you don't love her too (i really don't, but i respect your opinions).

well, i do have some photos to share with you on what i've been up to the last few days. there's been lots of crafts and sewing. this week i'm going to be working on a lot of art and design things so i'll be sharing that later on. BUT for now...crafty things!

(ok, these are just photos of my notebook. i think its cute, i thought i'd share :p)

this is the newest book i have acquired! i'm not too far into it, but so far i've learn a crap-ton of stuff! if anyone is planning on starting a craft business i would HIGHLY SUGGEST this book. just sayin'....aaaand there's a business planner to go along with it, i have it. i stupidly bought the planner before getting the book and i would suggest getting the book first, because when i tried to fill out the planner i was completely lost. book first. planner after.

just wanted to let you guys know...we're going to be hosting an AWESOME give away!!! it might have something to do with https://www.mymemories.com/ 
so pop on over there to check it out. i'm planning on announcing the details later on this week. TELL EVERYONE-ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS...because this giveaway is going to be sweeeeeet! 

enough of me teasing you...i'm done. for now.... :)

i'll be telling you more about it on twitter, follow me @hollyerinn for tons more photos and loads of updates.
and don't forget to drop by our shop and check out all the fun crafty things we've got for sale!

enjoy your tuesday!

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