Tuesday, August 30, 2011

just a little something before i go to bed....

 i painted this today, i think its really fun! it's a homage to my loooove of coffee. honestly, i've been contemplating whether or not i'm actually addicted. well, i supposed if coffee is the worst thing i'm addicted to, i'm doing alright!! 
i'm going to be doing a series of paintings like this and prints of them will be up in the etsy shop soon. i'll continue to post the different ones when i get them done and then when they're for sale. but, i thought i'd share the first one with you!

sleep well lovelies!

p.s. check out the 'daily reads' page at the top. i've added a few new blogs i've been obsessed with lately, including my good friend angelina's. she's hysterical, show her some love!

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