Wednesday, August 17, 2011

holly erinn and the milkshake factory!

i know i promised this oh so very long ago...but here they are, the photos from our trip to south side weekend before last! the original plan was to attend a craft show up on mount washington, but once we got up there, there was absolutely nothing on shilo street (which is where EVERYTHING was supposed to be!). so instead, the girls and i went down to pittsburgh's historical south on carson street. there's dozens of shops and eateries and its absolutely one of my favorite places in pittsburgh, i can't tell you how many entire days i've spent down there, or how many entire pay checks i've spent down there :)

i'm going to warn you, this is EXTREMELY PHOTO have been warned.
our trip started out at south side steaks, for a quick lunch of ginormous hoagies and fies, then a few vintage shops (where i drooled over the amazing dresses i couldn't afford) then our last stop was the milk shake factory for some scrumptious milkshakes, some chocolates and lemonades. by the end of the our bellies were fulled and our sides hurt from all the laughter!

i love living in pittsburgh, of all the places i've been, and i've been alot of places....pittsburgh is always my favorite. there's a million little hole in the wall places and always something new to discover! it's always fun and booming, yet it's still quiet...i love my city. and our football team is pretty baller too! heehee!

hope you enjoyed the photos...i've been working on some really fun things this week, that when they're finished, i can not wait to share with you! everything's been pretty wonderful lately, since i've quit my job, i've been so relaxed and i'm getting so very much done...i'm happy! its fantastic!

what have you been up to lately, have you been working on anything fun (DIY's, writing, art????) let us know!

til next time,
holly <3

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