Monday, August 15, 2011

wedding outfit inspirations

this weekend was my darling man, quinn's cousin's was lovely! i really didn't get any pictures, we were too busy setting up and getting everything ready and i just got so tied up in that, that i completely forgot to take any pictures! BUT! his mother did get a nice family photo of all of us (me, quinn, his parents, his sister and her daughter) and the newly weds, and once i get that off of her, i'll post it up here! but i did manage to snap a few pictures of my outfit before i left on thursday!! and i figure while i'm at it, i'll kind of tie the whole thing together with inspiration monday (as i have half a million ideas for wearing it again) and frugal friday (because i'm cheap and everything i wore is under $40!!) so here ya go!!!

dress: kohl's $30
purse: claire's $20
necklace:Oceanne $25
shoes: kohl's $30
pin (on purse): gifted
i really like this outfit, i feel so cute in this dress!! i love it! and it's sooo comfy. i feel like i should be a tea party when i'm in it. well, i hope you guys had as fun as a weekend as i did! i've got some fun things planned for the blog this week, so keep checking back! 

what are some of your favorite outfits?? what makes you feel special?!

happy monday all!!
holly <3

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