Wednesday, August 24, 2011

lusting after freepeople stores

if you have been reading O&C for a quick minute you already know how obsessed with freepeople clothing brand i am. everything they produce is magic. recently, they posted over on their blog , some photos of the recent fall displays. i can only dream that one day when and if i ever get my dream of opening my own shop, it will even remotely look as cool as some of their's. i am totally jealous. so i thought i'd share a few photos, but please always stop over and give them some love! *and remember, because it's the proper thing to say, these photos DO NOT belong to me.*** i thought i'd get that out of the way now :)
enjoy the magic!!

i can really only hope to be as cool as these people one day! i just want my house to look like one of these shops actually haha! alot of my inspiration comes from free people and i was so happy when they finally put a shop up in pittsburgh! oh geez, you guys should have heard me gushing to the shop girls about how i was so in love with their store and how excited i was that they finally put one in town. you would have been embarrassed for me. it was intense! well, i hope you guys love these photos as much as i do, and that you got a little inspiration out of them yourself!
and just for fun, a picture of a baby fox....
yea, i know you all just went "aaawwww...look at the fox!" or maybe that was just me. hopefully you guys are as sappy as i am! well happy wednesday everyone!
and don't forget to check out all the new stuff up in our shop on etsy!!!

what's inspiring you lately???
holly <3

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