Friday, August 26, 2011

mid august in photos

as you know today is supposed to be one of our weekly segments, frugal friday. but i'm going to try something alittle different.there's been alot of talk around the blog community lately about being real and genuine, i'm going to be honest with you guys...i started doing those weekly segments because i thought i had to. i thought that was what made those bigger, more popular blogs...well, popular and stable. i though that was what i had to do to basically 'compete'. well, i'm not going to compete any more. i'm going to do me. since i quit my job at the airbrush shop, i've had a ton of time to focus on the things that i actually enjoy. and that is what i want to share with you. that is my genuine self. for right now, there will be no more weekly segments. i'm going to post things that i'm doing and to keep you all in check with what i've been up to. i hope you all don't mind this change, i promise to bring you amazing things and do more with my crafts and art and share it all with you guys!!

so, since i got that off my chest on to what i came here with...this is going to be my month of august in photos. i've been crafting and painting like crazy, hanging out with my dad and throwing him a 60th birthday party and some super yummy treats and coffee. i hope you enjoy these photos as much as i do!

its been a ton of fun hanging out with my dad, he's my best bud!!! we went to this new coffee place down on south side and watched the CRAZY storm that happened in pittsburgh last week. the shoes, i did not make those, but i did alter the bow alittle, it was a bit too big for my taste. my lovely quinn's mommy bought those for me, aren't they adorable?!?? the weird blue swirly things is the cake i made for dad's birthday. it was yummy, even though it was super thin.

i've been doing a TON of sewing lately, its so rewarding. i love seeing finished pieces piling up on my bed. i'm loving the feather earrings that i've made recently, you can buy a couple pairs up our our etsy shop along with a few bags, a few mushroom necklaces and CUSTOM portraits! i hope you guys take a peek! i've been working like crazy and applying to a million craft shows and working on a few other fun things that will hopefully be big things in our lives!!
happy friday everyone!!

what have you been up to lately????
holly <3

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