Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tosh.0 does not give good quotes for a blog title

Hey everyone!

First off, I want to apologize to everyone for saying I'd post more then disappearing again.  The reason for that is my old computer finally decided to stop working with me, and wouldn't connect to the internet anymore, kept freezing, and when it would connect to the internet, it just kicked me off.  But that is all behind me and I am coming to you on my brand new laptop!  It's so freaking cute!  It's a white 14", Sony VAIO, with HD capability, a bluray player, and most importantly, WORKING INTERNET!! lol.

Now that I've geeked over my computer, down to business.  While my computer was down, I was keeping myself busy designing the most adorable felt change purses.  Holly already posted a picture of one, but I love it so much I'm going to show it to you again.

And then two more photos just for the heck of it.  The top one shows the back of the cupcake, and then what it looks like when opened.

I also worked on another change purse, and this one I plan on making and keeping one for myself because its just so damn creepy, cute, and amusing!  And it's totally me!  Want to know what it is???
IT'S A ZOMBIE CHANGE PURSE!!! Look, he even has little teeth! (thanks to holly's dad for the suggestion)  And you know what the best part about this little guy is?!?!?!

HE HAS A BRAIN!!!  His hair has a button that snaps shut onto his forehead, and when you open it you get to see his little brain!  Bet you didn't see that coming?  And if you did just go with it and pretend that you didn't.  Lol, just kidding.  The bottom pic once again shows the inside of the change purse.  So it's like your putting your money inside its brain!  Clever...

And then today I was bored at work so I made a necklace.  And the blue on the one end is definitely part of the design and not because I was running out of hemp...

All of these pieces are going to be going in a basket for my church's festival, along with some things from the other girls.  I'll post pics of the basket once it's all put together and let you know how well we do at the festival!

Talk to you all soon!!!

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