Friday, August 5, 2011

weekly posts will be back next week!

hey everybody!

i'm really sorry to have to say that my weekly posts from this week are going to have to be pushed back until next week. i'm figuring out some pretty heavy stuff with my life (which i'll explain later on) and it's kind of got things on hold for a minute. but i'm bouncing back with full force already! i'm 'holly fucking karnes' (as jessi put it) and i'm going to be just fine!

but not to worry, i'm perfectly fine as far as health and all of that, no need to worry. just wanted to let you know why things are going to be alittle quiet the next couple of days for me. but! i do have some good news... the girls and i are heading out to a craft show tomorrow and i promise to come back with some stellar pictures!!!!


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