Wednesday, September 7, 2011

painting progress vol. 1

hey guys!

so if you've been reading for even a'll have noticed i've been posting a good bit of my art. well i thought i'd start something new, something i really haven't done before. i'm going to post shots of my newest piece as i'm working on it. every time i sit down to work on it, i'll share a progress shot.

since i'm just starting this i'll start off with the reference photo i'm using. so you guys can see what its (hopefully) going to look like when i'm finished with it.

yup, i'm working on a portrait of adele. just for fun. i've been doing alot of really serious art recently and nothing for myself or just for fun. i've really been into her music of recent and i though i'd pay her homage by doing a portrait. 
so here's the first progress photo, it's not much. just a sketch but it'll give you an idea of how i start things off.

like i said, it's super rough and sketchy. but you get the idea. the more i do with it, the more i'll post.

what do you guys think of this idea? would you like to see more, do you have any interest in how i paint?

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  1. I love seeing your artwork! This actually makes me kinda wanna take up sketching again. <3

  2. thanks girlfriend! you draw? i'd love to see some of your stuff!!!

  3. holy guacamole you are one talented girl!

  4. Holly, you are crazy talented! I'm excited to see this feature as the piece progresses! xo

  5. thanks you guys! it means to world to me that you like my art! <3

  6. I love this rough sketch just as it is.


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