Thursday, September 8, 2011

window shopping; feeling fancy

i'm not going to lie, since i quit my job early last month, i am broke. broke. broke.
that's fine, it really doesn't bother me all that much. so what do i do when i have no money and still want to shop? what any other girl does!
browse the internet for pretty things and drool over them, then blog about it. everybody does that right???

i'm jumping on the band wagon and took a look at they've got some amazing pieces and i thought i'd show you guys some things i've been drooling over. here we go!!

how cute are those shoes! i want them so badly, though i wouldn't know where i would wear them. i don't really go any where fancy where i could wear heels. aaaand those glasses, i desperately need new glasses. i would love a pair like those! but maybe in a brownish red shade, i've done the straight black frames before, they make me look even more pale! if that's even possible, haha!
don't forget about the giveaway. thus far, no one has entered, so that gives you a much better chance! check it out over here!

hope your week is going well! i'll be working on the portrait of Adele a little later, so there will be another update on that soon!

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