Saturday, October 1, 2011

Aaamazing embroidered portraits.

i come baring gifts my friends! gifts that come in the form of the most gorgeous embroidered portraits my eyes have ever seen! not. kidding. you're going to pee your pants!

i originally found these on twitter via @designmilk, oh how i love the twitter! i've stumbled upon some of my favorite people and some fantastic blogs and artists! twitter is my favorite lately! the artist's name is

Cayce Zavaglia 

"Artist Cayce Zavaglia considers herself a painter (she is formally trained in drawing and painting), but for the last ten years she’s been working on a series of portraits that are more works of embroidery. Atop a background of sanded and distressed acrylic, Zavaglia uses crewel wool to hand embroider the likenesses."
quote via design-milk

i won't make you wait any we go!

can you even begin to imagine how long this must take her?! holy cow! i'm in love with them though, and am astounded by the amount of detail. when i first saw these early this week i actually thought they were photos. looking closer and at the detail shots, you can see the amount of thread and yarn that is used. i'm blown away at her skill and attention to the fine details of her models.
dear, cayce...i am in love with your work!

XOXO love,

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