Friday, September 30, 2011

painting progress vol. 2 and a rant.

hey you guys...
i know it's been awhile since i did this segment. things have been super crazy lately but i had a minute today to work on this piece so i figure i should share it with you because...ya know....i said i would!
i'm working on the line work still. i've got to tweak the hair alittle bit more and maybe do alittle work on the face and then it's time for color!! yippee! it's my favorite part, i love painting the skin.

in other news, if you follow me on twitter @hollyerinn, you will already know this...but you know how yesterday i told you how excited i was about the photo shoot that we were doing??? yea. that didn't happen. i don't like to complain on here, everyone has problems and i try and keep this place as up beat as possible. but today, i've got to let off alittle bit of steam....
so, this is what happened. this young girl, from our area contacted me via etsy conversations looking for someone to photograph her so that she could build up her portfolio because she's trying to get into modeling. well, i thought this would be a wonderful opportunity for amanda, myself and this girl to all benefit. i've been wanting to photograph our jewelry work and hats and such and amanda can always use a new face to do her beautiful makeup on so i was all about it!
this girl was up my butt for about 3 weeks about getting this thing going. but as you all know, life has been insane for us girls around here lately so we scheduled it for yesterday. i told her this like over a week ago. so yesterday early afternoon, i get a message saying 'can't, you didn't get back to me soon enough' or something along those lines. WHAT??? i told you a week ago! and i messaged you a day and a half before the scheduled day to give you all the specific details!!!
to say the very least...i was mad (i'm trying not to cuss). amanda and i had everything set up for the shoot yesterday morning for everything to go down in the afternoon. we have to re-plan and reschedule the entire thing. i was really hoping to have a look book and gorgeous photos to share with you by monday. yea, that's not going to happen. alright, i'm done venting. we will get this done. i promise. if you made it through this entire rant, i'm proud of you. thanks for reading and dealing with me still being angry about some silly teenager being a silly teenager. but i've learned my lesson. i'm done.

love you all!

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