Tuesday, October 11, 2011

because we all need a little bit of happy sometimes...

i'm not going to lie, things have actually kind of sucked around my way lately. without going into details, i'll just leave it at that. BUT, what do hollys do when they are feeling down???

so i'm bringing you something that have been brightening my spirits lately in hopes that if your feeling bummed out, burned out, or just plain grumpy...this will bring you a little happy. coz' we all need a little happy sometimes.

first up, is a cake recipe that i'm pretty sure i'm going to be trying my hand at later on today. i found this blog via drop dead kawaii, i know i've mentioned her at least once this week, but i really love everything she posts!! the blog is called raspberri cupcakes and they have a million drool worthy things to make! if i had the ingredients and didn't care about gaining a million pounds, i'd make every one!!! they all look so fantastically yummy and the photos are just gorgeous, go check it out! and if you make one of her recipes, send me a link i'd love to see what you've made! so cake!

its a simple fluffy vanilla cake that looks so good! i can't wait to try it! i've been dying to make cake pops recently and i think that's what i'm going to use this for. i know i could just use a regular box mix, but what fun is that!?

next up...amazing art!
 here's a video of his painting process, i watch it every now and again when i need a little inspiration! he's brilliant! i love all his art. source

Hannah Hillam of verbal vomit is kind of my comics hero. i'm in love with her stuff. her 'how to be a hipster' series is pee your pants funny! and this latest one that she posted, the cow video, made my day.
you should totally go check her out! i promise, its good!

and who can resist a cat video...

well, i hope this brightened your day a bit. it has for mine! now i'm going to go pay my student loans, work on editing some photos, cut out a million post cards, and maybe paint. yay for trying to be productive!!



  1. Hey! Thanks for featuring Verbal Vomit! :D I'm flattered! Also, thank you for the cat video link. I think it has started a cat-video-watching binge...

  2. oh man that food blog! i want to make everything! the pretzel and m&m chocolate cheesecake!

  3. Oh my goodness... the kitten cuteness it EXACTLY what I needed tonight! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the baby kitty craziness!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit


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