Monday, October 17, 2011

a festival and one of the cutest baby boys i know!

hey guys!
i know, i know...these took me for ever to get up on to here! i apologize, but i think once you see them you won't be as upset with me anymore! haha! these are the photos from our time at pittsburgh step trek last weekend! we had a really nice time despite the lack of sales. the people were very nice (as usual) and the weather was just lovely. jessi, my dad and i were all that attended that day. amanda i think was out of town, or maybe she had to work. i can't really remember. jessi was working on her hats, i was frantically checking my phone (my boyfriend disappeared that weekend, he ran off to philly to watch a starcraft compition! haha!) and my dad was doing a little bit of wood work. he's been coming up with some really awesome designs and i can't wait to show you once he's finished!... after those photos, are the ones of my adorable nephew. he's not my nephew by blood, but he's the gorgeous son of one of best friends from college, april, and i love him like he was blood!

so enjoy the photo dump! <3

 ever seen a baby plank before??? me either!

 i'm so in love with this last one, even though its a little blurry. april is the most adorable mother, and i love watching her with bryson. its weird though, it feels like nothing has changed. like bryson should have always been there and her and josh should have always been married. they're the raddest family both of them are all tattooed and bryson is probably going to grow up to be one of the coolest kids! i'm just so glad i'm able to even be a part of it. i'm excited to watch this little bugger grow up! love you bryson.

aunt holly

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  1. your hats are adorable! love the yellow one!
    your nephew is adorable!! love his little squishy cheeks!


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