Sunday, October 9, 2011

cake and new friends!

hello everyone! and welcome new friends!!!

its kind of a slow sunday for me. so i've been browsing around the internet and literally just now stumbled over these crazy cakes! i thought i must share them with you! also, its something fun for you newer readers to oogle at until i finish up with my photos from yesterday! i found this photos via drop dead kawaii if you don't read this blog yet, i highly recommend it! she always has super cute stuff to share and a bunch of amazing art every now and then. now on to the awesome cake!!!

i want this to be my house! can i live here pretty pretty please???
the artist's name is scott hove. and he's kind of amazing! i think i've fallen in love with his work. you can read more about cakeland here on his site. and you can see a few more behind the scenes photos and read about the process in the article from hifructose.
that's it for me today everyone! i'll be back later this week with tons of photos and some more art to share with you! until then, stay awesome people! and thank you to our new friends for following and good luck in the giveaway over at miss indie! if you haven't entered it yet, you totally should!! i'm super excited to do a portrait for one of her lucky followers!



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