Friday, October 7, 2011

painting progress vol. 3 (skin)

hey all, i'm back with the Adele piece. i've been working on the skin. i'm far from done, but i thought i'd show you what i've got so far.

 i've been saving a copy of it every time i take a break. it gives you a better look at how things progress instead of a picture here, a picture there. one of these days i'll figure out how to record my screen shots as i paint so you guys can just watch a video. if you haven't seen one of these videos, your so missing out. 

this one is by an artist i found through deviantart. i like the style of the work, even though i'm not a huge manga fan (though i do have some favorites!).

that's about it for me tonight. i'm going to go pick up jessi and get ready for tomorrow. its going to be a long, crazy day. we've got the festival in the morning, then dad and i are helping my aunt out at a haunted trail later on in the evening where i'm going to be doing dad's, aunt becky and my own makeup! it's going to be a craaaaaazy day! but i promise to take a million pictures and jess and i will try to film a vlog in-amidst all the insanity!!

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