Friday, October 28, 2011


in the light of recent events (see this post) i've been scrambling around in my head trying to figure out which direction i'm going. i'm okay though, in a really strange way, i'm supremely optimistic about my future. but still, i'm not sure what it is i want to do with my life.

i know that i need to get my license. i know i need a part time job for the moment. but after that...what is it that i actually want to do? i could go back to school, i could apply to the gaming companies around town to be a visual development artist, or i could keep going along my original path and try and open up a brick and mortar shop. but then i get to thinking....are any of these things what i would actually want to do? is there anything else i'd like to do? i've been really inspired by kaelah bee and her gorgeous little mobile shop. and got to thinking. there's nothing like that in pittsburgh. nothing. of course there's the southside and all its killer shops and restaurants but there's nothing mobile in pittsburgh except for a couple food trucks. that's it.

it's pretty far away right now, but its something i can work towards. something that i think i could really accomplish. in time. for the present, i need to focus on my smaller goals...get a license, get a job, pay my loans and bills on time, save money. continue to do these festivals and fundraisers i've been doing and save that money. take time out of this hectic time in my life and spend time with my girls. spend time with the people that love me. and be happy. take time for me, for once.

but i think this is the path i'm going to head down for right now. i'd like to do something worth while with my life and i think this is a good first big step.

now... on a more fun, less heavy note...have you seen miss elsie's stitch chevron necklace DIY??? when i saw it the other day i was all kindssss of in love with it! i've been so inspired by geometric designs lately, i'll post sketch book illustrations later....but this DYI, i just had to do!

elsie's version! ^

my version^

what do you guys think? i think it turned out really well!!! so i was thinking...all of these amazing blogs do DIY's and i really like them and was thinking of doing some of my own here on O&C. but i think there's a whole bunch of crafty ones floating out there in the blogosphere...sooooo....what kind of DIY's would you guys like to see from me, considering the things i do???  
i'd love to hear your ideas!

keep checking back, i'm going to be working on some new things that i'm pretty excited about and would love to share with you! 

also....thank you ALL for the wonderful words about my recent post. its so heart warming to know i have friends out there in the interspace...i love you guys!


holly <3

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  1. i think your version turned out WAY cuter! i really really like it a whole bunch!!!!!


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