Thursday, October 20, 2011

how about a trade?

hey all.

i've been thinking of testing out something...well, i know people do the whole paid sponsorship thing. i've participated in sponsoring other people's blogs before. but since i quit my job, i don't have the money to sponsor the blogs i'd like to. and i would still like to .... so here's what i'm proposing. let's do a trade.

i'd put an ad for your blog/shop/twitter page here on O&C and you'd put one of ours onto your page. it's a fair way for all of us to get alittle more exposure and also to help each other out. the reason i'm not asking for money is simply this..i'm not going to ask someone for money to support me if i can't turn around and help them out in return. it just doesn't seem fair to me.

so friends, if your interested in doing a sway with me, leave a comment below with your name, email and a link to the page you'd like to advertise and i'll shoot you an email within the week to talk about it a bit further. but i thought i'd throw it out there in the universe and see if anyone was interested!

take care, have a good evening!



  1. Ooh! I'd be down! I've been thinking about starting to offer sponsor spaces on my little blog, but a trade seems like the easiest way to go! =)

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  2. let me know if you're interested in Her Umbrella swap! :)


  3. I would definitely be interested in this! I'm a pretty new textiles/knitting artist & I don't have quite enough product, traffic, or income to feel comfortable sponsoring other blogs or accepting sponsorships. We all have to start out somehow! This sounds like a really great idea. Let me know if my blog looks like a good fit!

    tara at

  4. would love to trader! here is my email ccpb83(at)gmail(dot)com!

  5. i feel really stupid writing this but for the life of me i can not find the email you sent me! can you resend it?

    thanks hun!

  6. hey cb! i sent it again! let me know if you get it!!

    xo. holly


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