Wednesday, October 19, 2011

art hero: audrey kawasaki (caution there be boobs)

when i was in college, my room mate, ashley, introduced me to art by audrey kawasaki. this was about 3 years ago, i'm still stalking her work to this day. and once i show you these pieces you'll totally get it! her work is not only beautiful but its erotic, sometimes tender and occasionally haunting. i don't know of any other artist's work that has grasped at my imagination so tightly and held such a firm grip. i'm head over heals for her work. enjoy.

she's one of my biggest inspirations (along with the likes of peter max and alphonse mucha) and i am so thankful to ashley for turning me on to her. audrey's work takes you to another world, where its quiet and serene and it's alright to be a little sexy from time to time. i hope you take a look at her other work. you can find most of these pieces there and also a few more here.

i hope you enjoy these pieces as much as i do! happy wednesday all!


  1. Very cool. I like how the faces are eerily realistic while everything else is a bit cartoony. Ethereal.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! It's difficult to say which one is my favorite because they're ALL taking my heart! I adore the 6th and last the most I think! Thank you so much for sharing these!

  3. i LOVE her work so so much. i forgot which blog it was but someone had gotten a tattoo in her style, it was really awesome!


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