Wednesday, November 30, 2011

can haz tumblr?

i gots myself a tumblr the other day. i'm filling it with tons of art and loads of cuss words. a more gritty version of this blog. so if you're offended by boobs, dirty words, blood and guts....this is not the blog for you. just forewarning you. i do post a lot of interesting art work that i've found, some of my stuff and the trailer of my boyfriend's documentary is on there too! you should check it out just for his trailer! 
i'm using it to dump out the crazy things i think of and the awesome things i find on the internet. i hope if you have a sense of humor and enjoy the darker corner of the internet, you'll take a peek and be my tumblr friend! come say hello!!!

p.s. don't forget about the awesome savings going on this week in our etsy shop just check out this post for all the coupon codes! one of them ends this weekend, so be sure to shop soon!!

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