Thursday, December 1, 2011

x-mas/birthday wishlist

its that time of year folks! the holidays are fast approaching. this year i'm not able to afford any of the neato things that are on sale or even to buy my friends or my darling nice presents :(
BUT i am making them their gifts. and with the holidays just around the corner, i can't help but window shop a bit for myself. and on top of this, my birthday is right after christmas. yep, 5 days after. with this being said, the older i get, the more inclined my family is to smoosh my christmas and birthday gifts together into one. i'm ok with it the older i get. so i figure i should just combine them myself. and show you guys some of things i've been dreaming about of late!!





  1. Ooo, that locket is so pretty but I think that dress would have to be my favorite pick- so gorgeous!

    star-crossed smile

  2. i know! modcloth has such beautiful things! and the cater to the bohemian girls so well!!

    xo. holly


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