Wednesday, November 16, 2011

my dad listens to NPR like a crack fiend

my dad told me about this lady, after listening to a program on NPR. go dad! you found something awesome!! enjoy!



  1. yea way to go dad! she is amazing! i just love the sound of the banjo. we are gonna go so an awesome band call the infamous string dusters on saturday and they are such an awesome string band. also LOVE listening to npr, we listen to it almost every night!

  2. Yes yes yes!!! I love nrp, I LOVE banjo and that girl has an amazing voice!!! What an awesome find! Yay for your dad listening at just the right time! Today npr has been boring the pants off me... UGH! It has been news and other nonsense that has been SO DULL!!!!
    Hahahahaha! I need constant amusement!

    Happy Wednesday Pretty Ladies! <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit


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