Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a trip to the past.

just for fun, i thought i'd share some baby pictures with you guys. i was cleaning the other day and happened upon a rather large stack of old photos. here are some of my favorites.

 that's my aunt, my cousin christina and emily (the baby)  and some random blond girl on the end. i'm the goofy red head with the frilly pants! :)

 i'm no where near coordinated enough to skate, to this day.
 my dad, my first dog ginger and i on christmas. i can still fall asleep practically anywhere.

 i'm super stylish.
my mom thought it was cool to fan my dress out to look like a flower. i was more of a baby doll than a child, haha!

i'll probably be post more things later. i've been busting my butt editing all the photos for the new products and they should be up pretty soon for sale.

take it easy folks!

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