Monday, November 21, 2011

what to expect

hey eeeeverybody! i've been working super hard to get some things together and up in our etsy shop. that will be happening so very soon! i'm editing all the photos today and hopefully they'll all be up some time this week, if not today.
i've made some beautiful pieces that i can not wait to show you, but i'll give you alittle peek into what i've got going on. i think you guys are really going to like them! over the last couple of weeks, i've been tormenting you with this new line of products that i've been working on. and now i'm going to let you in on it!
eeeppp! yea, the new line is named 'geometry and the girl'. its an entire line of accessories inspired by my love of geometry and the study of lines and angles. there's jewelry: necklaces and broaches, a bag or two, and a few pieces of art and some stationary!  its a little quirky, kind of cute and really fun! everything is bright and bold!

geometry and the girl is for that girl who is a little off beat, who likes to be her own person and likes to show off her intelligence and  beauty at the same time! she's smart, savvy and stylish, with a little twist of the cute and kitschy.

i think you guys are just going to fall head of heels for this line. and its going to be available only in our etsy shop, i'm not taking these pieces to shows.

on top of this wonderful line of products, i've got a ton of other products that i'll be listing this week. they're geared more towards those gals who are gypsies and bohemian at heart!

you guys are gonna love it!

take care, happy monday lovies!

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