Friday, November 11, 2011

welcome sponsors!!!! we love you!!

uuugggh this took me so very long to write...and i apologize. i do have a good reason thou! i've been seeing a new guy...and its awesome! any way i wanted to introduce you guys to our sponsors here at O&C. they're our first batch of them and they're such a special group of ladies! i hope you take the time to check out all of their sites and give them some love for all their hard work. let's get started....

 shipwrecks & bravery
hello! my name is tara-marie, & i run shipwrecks & bravery! i'm a textiles student from canada, & i focus a lot on knitting, silkscreening, & sewing! some of my favourite things include fantasy novels, soft yarn, british television, & my 50mm camera lens.

 city birds nest
hi peaches! i'm cb, the stylish bike riding lady behind the pictures of city birds nest! i love going on adventure with my best friend and mister, tom, sewing and being a crafty lady. nothing pleases me more then finding that perfect vintage treasure whilst treasure hunting at our local thrift stores. come join the fun!

 everything in between
 I'm 19-years-old and live with my wonderful fiance (his name is Sam, also!) and our 3 rambunctious 'furbabies' in our home here in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Currently, I'm a stay-at-home girlfriend looking for a job. I spend my time blogging, doing web design related projects, and doing whatever else to keep myself busy. I hope you stick around!
her umbrella
My name is Grace Fleming – insert “Lynne” when needed. Once December rolls around I’ll be graduating from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a B.A. in Communications. I’m from the outskirts of Nashville, TN and I couldn’t imagine calling anywhere else home.
Her Umbrella is just a collection of my life’s little decorations – whether it’s a love for sampling the world, empty candy wrappers, books filled with scribbled ideas or stupid people that keep showing up – they’ve all found a place underneath, adorning everyday with a little more sparkle.
A story every hour, every day or every week, is worth a listen, a read or a repeat.

aren't they just fantastic??? go check 'em out! tell them you love them too! i'm waiting on some info for my two other wonderful sponsors, so i'll get that to you all as soon as i can! aaaand i'll be back probably later this week with some actual things to show you. not just teasing you with filler nonsense promising the awesome! keep being amazing blogosphere! 


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