Sunday, November 13, 2011

behind the scene and sneak peeks

i'm going to photo dumb the bunch of photos i've been hoarding in my phone for the past month...there's a bunch of sneak peeks of the upcoming line. but nothing that will really give anything away. i still have to be alittle sneaky. right?! and a few photos of just works in progress. enjoy!

 oh hai interwebs, my name is buffy cats!

yay for pretty things! i've got a bunch of stuff in the works for you guys. a whole new line of products for the shop. and some art pieces i've been slaving over for weeks now that i can not waaaaait to show you!
oh and don't forget to check out this post and say hello to our new sponsors! i know they'd love for you to stop by!

hope your weekend is amaze-balls!



  1. i want to see more of your watercolor, it looks fantastic!

  2. all in good time mama, all in good time! :)

  3. looks like fun! I want to see some of the finished products! :)


  4. Looks like a lot of fun crafting!!


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