Monday, December 26, 2011

23 goals before my 24th birthday

my 23rd birthday is this friday and i thought i'd make myself a goal list for this year before i turn 24! i'll be keeping track of these goals throughout the year and posting about my progress as each is (hopefully) achieved. source of background photo


  1. Hi new follower here,

    fantastic list.
    I love the idea of all these 'before a certain age' lists as opposed to bucket lists.. I think you're more likely to do it if there's a real time limit on it!!

  2. hey kate! thanks for following, i hope you like everything!!! yea when i originally found out about the list, i thought 'i need to do this!' i think it puts just the right amount of pressure on you to follow through with the goal!! :)

    xo. holly


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