Tuesday, December 27, 2011

november & december in photos

hey everybody, i'm back with a crap ton of photos from my phone that i've been hoarding for about 2ish months. be prepared for all kinds of photos!!! you have been warned!!!

doodles in my notebook for a story i'm trying to work out.

 jessi asleep at our last show hahah!
 i thought i should take a photo of this head band and i, because we matched!
 our table and our new show banner
 amanda jean jelly bean
 amanda modeling the miss piggy fingerless gloves she had just finished. how cute?!?
 my mushrooms made it into the latest issue of 'the original' a local pittsburgh magazine

 the glass wear that i found in my nanners' basement!! how amazing!
 a polaroid i found of my mommy, most likely on her birthday (pre-holly)
 i'm making something sparkly to wear out on my birthday this friday! 
i might make this a diy for le blog

 making bracelets
 making hand painted wooden pendants!

 dad and i went to ihop for christmas eve breakfast and he only got eggnog pancakes and they were the biggest pancakes either one of us had ever seen!! hahha! he didn't finish them....

 this is my christmas gift from the lovely amanda! she's the best sister ever!!

 working on new crafty things and art things!!!

well that's it for today my lovies! i'll be back later with even more fun stuff! i'm actually trying to plan out blog posts now, as to bring you more things, more often. ya know, instead of posting fanatically for a month or so and then falling off the grid for weeks at a time! i've been super bipolar when it comes to my blogging but i'm trying to be better! for you guys! i owe you that much!!! if you want to keep up with what i'm doing more often than not check out my tumblr, gypsy. i've been keeping up with that alot lately. OOOOR follow me on the twitters! i tweet more often that not and if you follow me there, you'll get the most updates on our shows and where we'll be!!!

i hope all of your holidays were wonderful and you had the best weekend ever!!! love you all!


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