Monday, December 12, 2011

a vanishing act.

hey everybody. sorry i've been so absent recently. i've been trying to find a balance within my life the last few weeks. things keep changing so very drastically with my world lately and i've been struggling with it. i can't seem to find that middle ground of my personal life, my internet life, and my career. and as far as my career goes, i don't know where its going at this point. my internet life-i've been ignoring and that sucks. my personal life is just all kinds of topsy-turvey and its been just a whirlwind of insanity. so please stick with me, as soon as i get things smoothed out, i'll be back. i know some of you have emailed me in the past week or two and i'm trying to get to then, i promise i will soon! please stay patient. i just wanted to let you know whats been happening and that i'm still here, just not exactly here. ya know. i'll be back though.

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