Saturday, January 21, 2012

an art show.

if ya'll were wondering why the hell i've been to quiet and crytic. this is it. i've been busting ass trying to prepare for my first show. i've been painting like a mad woman so i can get everything done by Feb. 2, the date of the show. so far i think i've got about 10-15 pieces, some older pieces with a few brand new pieces thrown in. SO! if you're in the area, stop on by. i would love to see you and i want to share my awesome night with my buds. i'm super excited, yet completely terrified to be doing this, but i think it should be a great evening. i've got some of my best friends going to be there and i think with them by my side, i'll be good! and as soon as i finish up the last pieces for the show, i'll post some photos of them on here. and hopefully i'll be able to get some good photos from that night, so i'll be sharing those also. hopefully. wish me luck, you guys!!!! <3

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