Thursday, January 19, 2012

painting progress: start to finish.

hello friends! i've got something rather neat for you today. recently i've been painting like crazy preparing for an upcoming show! so with one of my pieces, i decided to take a photo at ever step. it was kind of annoying during the whole thing, but i'm glad i did it. now you can see how a painting comes together step by step. i think its pretty awesome. this is seriously photo heavy so you have been warned!!! here we go!

hope you guys enjoyed this little peek into my painting progress! if you did let me know! i may end up doing more if you guys are interested! take it easy folks, love you all <3


  1. I really loved this feature ...there's something so beautiful and dreamy about watching it come together.

    XoX S.

  2. wow...stunning work!


  3. Omgoodness! So much work! But fantastic results! <3

  4. why thank you sweet ladies! <3
    xo. holly


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