Thursday, July 5, 2012

new things, changes and goals

 so i figure i should give you guys a bit of an update on what's been going on with me and the girls here at O&C....well, amanda and i have a new job. we're both working at kennywood, the local amusement park, as face painters. its kind of awesome working with my gal! i've been there for a few months and i pushed and pushed for her to work with me because i knew she'd do amazing at it! and she has been! she's got such a talent for makeup and face painting...and her FXwork is bad ass!!! hopefully this fall we'll be working together again for kennywood at their halloween events, fright nights, doing makeup and FX.
so you remember me with 
suuuper long hair, right?!

i've chopped off all my hair! i decided a few months ago that i was going to cut my hair short for work this summer so that i could stay cool out in the heat. well, i'm one of those crazy people who's motto always seems to be 'go big or go home'....well i guess this time it was go short or...ya know!  its a big change for me, i've never had my hair this short before. its grown out a good bit since i've cut it, so its not as bad as it was. not that it didn't look nice, it was just a little uncomfortable for me. i'm getting used to it now. BUT! i did do something good with my hair, instead of just throwing it out, i decided to donate it to locks of love. i felt that it was something that just made sense. if i'm going to get it cut then i shouldn't just get rid of it and waste it. it should go to some one that could do good with it. i feel very strongly about this cause, and i hope that you guys take a minute and check it out. i donated 19 inches to the cause but their minimum is 10", so if you got the length and you're wanting to do something good, this is very simple and does so much good!

 if you've read my last post, i had mentioned that i've been taking a break from the business....well the girls have too. we haven't done a show since last last november or december i think. a few weeks ago we did! we partook in the WYEP Summer Music Festival and had a blast! we didn't make much but i think it was a nice slow ride back into the swing of things! we had a bunch of new products and colleen decided to come along for the ride and sell her lovely things and i'm so very glad she did!!! hopefully, within the next few months we'll be doing a few more shows and i'll of coarse be taking photos at those too to share.

new things= job. 
changes=hair cuts and business thingers
and now for...
 goals, goals, goals.....i'm going to be moving out of my father's house and going back to school this fall! yea, i'm actually going to be doing this! my life is about to get hella crazy really quick!!! colleen and i will be living together and we'll be looking for our new place in late august, hoping to be moved and settled by mid september just in time for me to start school early october. i'm so very excited and so extremely terrified. its such a big leap and i'm sure i'll be fine but its a giant change into actual adulthood. so naturally i'm a bit nervous. but i'll be documenting everything along the way and sharing our journey in tid bits here and there. 

wish me luck everyone, i'm definitely going to need it! :)


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  1. I love your new hair! And the face paint too. Gorgeous


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