Saturday, February 26, 2011

Things forgotten, like Facebook and Twitter, and other such ramblings.

I have like ten minutes before my friend shows up for us to go shopping down at the Waterfront but I figured I'd squeeze a quick post in anyway (thank god he is used to me being late for everything, haha).

First and foremost we here at Order and Chaos now have a Facebook page and a Twitter. Please 'like' and follow us. We adore stalkers!

I realize that I forgot a few bands and artists in my little cheer up love fest yesterday so I'll name them now.

Shiina Ringo has topped my favorites list for years now. This song in particular has always amazed me because of how good her English is and how true it is to the the Japanese it was originally recorded in. Not to mention that the video is gorgeous and she looks stunning as a blonde.
Zee Avi never ceases to cheer me up with her amazing voice and songwriting. I love this song in particular because of how honest the lyrics are.

And Steve is here so I gotta go now.

Beeteedubs, I hate you Holly. I just bought the Coco Momiji for myself.

Love and Kisses,
Coco (who will soon have a Twitter).

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