Sunday, February 13, 2011

more obsessive ramblings before bed.

i must tell you all, that this whole blogging things is rather new to me. i've tried before to start up one but just never followed through, and found the reason to be that i was using it for a public journal almost. which is the wrong way to go about things, no one wants to hear me whine about my private life that they have no idea about. so i can promise you all now, that i will not subject you to that nonsense!

any hoozle.... i wanted to tell you guys about one of my other obsessions, which at this point has probably gone past the funny obsessiveness, into there might be a problem. ha! is my weakness!
i absolutely love it and am completely drawn in by all the super talented people in that community. i looooove love love it! i am on there and so is amanda! you can check us out if you'd like, no pressure :)

                      holly's deviantart page

                    amanda's devianart page

there isn't a day that goes by that i don't check it, and if for some strange unforeseeable reason that i don't, i am thinking about it all day. wondering what is going on in the groups and if any one has tried to contact me, and 'oh my gosh, what if some one is trying to talk to me and i don't get back to them in an orderly fashion and they feel neglected???!?!!?!' 

but then i check it and no one has commented on anything :( haha! no i feel rather loved on there, i think that's why i keep going back! and i just really fricken love that community!

and just for fun here's a piece of my art!

AND (just to be fair) one of amanda's...

(sorry for the water mark, i'll have to ask her to give me a good copy with out it)


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  1. Excellent eye, and fun to look at. I wish your Dad had followed his talent earlier on. He did fantastic pen and ink. Follow your Muse. Love it all.


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