Monday, February 14, 2011

valentine's day

well, what i more appropriate day to write about the things that i love than valentine's day! i never enjoyed this holiday as a teenager, but i'm slowly coming around to the idea! 
here's a few things that i'm currently absolutely in love with

 i've just discovered the joys of online television! and within... well i'd said about a span of 1 week, i caught myself up with all the recent seasons of true blood

also, i'm beginning to enjoy ondemand TV as well. and i stumbled upon this wonderful movie, which i'm rewatching at this moment. it's not what i expected, but i enjoy it very much. i just adore the costuming in it, its placed in the early 60's, which is quite possibly one of my favorite eras for fashion. everyone should see this!

 this is my costume for the upcoming tekkoshocon here in pittsburgh amanda and i are going with the post apocalypse theme.
                     post apacolypse on etsy
etsy has some great things for this theme. i love looking at everyone's crafts and finding inspiration!

                   honey bear by NYrika on etsy 
animal ears on little ones always gets me. they're so cute!

  this fantastic Waxed Porteur Rack Pack by LaplanderBags on etsy

amazing vintage glasses by AquarianVintage on etsy (SOLD) :( 
even thou these have been sold already i wanted to show you guys these, they're absolutely beautiful and which ever girl that snagged these is a very very lucky girl! and i'm super jealous! 

                                                                           sale @ delia's 

                                                     soft spikes textile necklace by kjoo
this super crazy necklace by kjoo on etsy caught my eyei would definitely wear this.

                                                           this beautiful dress by free people
i know it comes back around every few years but i'm so excited that the 60's & 70's are coming back into style. this spring is going to be amazing for fashion! i can't wait to share pictures of our outfits and finds this spring!
OK so just free people in general, i love that boutique! they just opened up a place here in pittsburgh. i'm trying to convince my love to take me, but it's a little hard to drag him into girly places if there isn't a gamestop or something he'd enjoy near by.

               Mesa Ranch Messenger by Free People

this is one of my favorite artists on deviantart. their work is spot on and just so adorable and whimsical. i love this progression video of 'princess'.

two of my favorite magazines, focusing on my two favorite things in the WORLD... fashion and art. eeep! i just subscribed again to nylon. i just can't help it, i love to have something to carry around with me when i need a fashion fix. :)

                                              dating a guy who spends most of his time playing games has its perks! its introduced me to the world of gaming. i was never into any of that all too much until we got together. he buys me games all the time, and i'm getting used to the idea of gaming. and let me tell you steam is AWESOME! if you guys have a steam account look me up, my steam name is 'alice'
 and more than anything i love being in love. i know that sounds so stupid and cheesy, but i couldn't have ever thought i'd feel like this about anyone. he means the world to me, and he's so good to me. (this is from last summer when we went to new york for a mini vacation and a Pokemon tournament)


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