Monday, February 28, 2011

OMG an actual project and internet thingers....

ehh yea, i've been kind of a bad blogger this week thus far. i know. so i thought i'd make it up to you by posting one of my projects (that i was working on this morning, as a last minute thing) it's for my love's mother. she's involved with the odyssey of the mind projects for one of the neighboring schools around here. and they're having some sort of thing for the 25th anniversary that's coming up. so i refined one of their t-shirt designs that one of the kids drew up. it's really nothing special. actually i wish i could have taken more time with it. but she needed it like two days ago and she just gave it to me last night while we were over there for dinner.

the top version is the one that the kid did and the lower one is the one that i refined. i know it's nothing special, but i just wanted to share it with you. i think it turned out rather well for having such limited amount of time to work on it.

so, my love and i are really into adventure time on cartoon network. it's a super funny show, just completely fucking ridiculous. and i love it! my favorite character on there is this little computer/ video game console named Beemo. it's adorable and quinn really like beemo too! so i drew a picture to show the world how much i loves beemo! i think i only took about 45 minutes to work on this. but i still think its really cute.

i hope you guys like it! 

so internet thingers....
i just started following a million people on twitter... yep O&C have a twitter page! follow us @ ORDERnCHAOSpitt
and in my journeys of stalking millions (not really millions) of people i found one of my favorite artists, amanda fucking palmer. yea she's on twitter too. everyone is. and also i found her blog and will be cyber stalking her as well haha! check her out, she has a bunch of neato picture and videos as well as a lot of really interesting and thought provoking articles.

i kind of really love her.

that's it for now, i actually have work to do. not that i want to do it, but yea you know...


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  1. Woahwoahwoah. Woah. Hold the fucking phone. This is what I get for so often reading this from my mobile. I totally did not see the video and all I have to say is OHMYFREAKINGGODAMANDAPALMERCOVERINGTHEPOSTALSERVICEHOLYSHITIJUSTCAME. But in all seriousness, I didn't know you were a fan, Hols. I got into her quite recently when Amanda's Nick posted the link to buy her live album for $.69 on Facebook and I figured I might as well considering she is the wife of one of my favorite authors. If you have not bought said album, DO SO. I mean it, it has some great tracks and it introduced me to my favorite song by my new favorite band ("Bad Wine and Lemon Cake" by The Jane Austen Argument). But yeah, A.F.P; I quite adore her and love her so. -(Obviously,) C.


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