Monday, February 28, 2011

Why is it...

That I only ever feel like blogging late at night? Or when drunk. Or some combination of the two. Anyway, it's Coco again, here to talk to you about stuff! Crafty stuff! And some mild fuckery.

So let's get started then. After my last mini-post I went out for a day of shopping with my good friend Steve. Our first stop was Best Buy where I scored some decently-priced CDs, an iTunes gift card, and just about the coolest iPod dock/CD player/radio thing EVER (I promise pics when I figure out how to get it set up and working). After Best Buy, we headed to the craft store where I came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea; I decided to let Steve pick the materials I would work with on my next project. As a designer and artist I am always afraid that I am falling into patterns and using the same colors and materials and I want to combat that by letting others choose items that I normally wouldn't and letting myself get inspired by them, so I told Steve to pick out some beads. I figured that it would be nice to have a masculine touch (although not too too masculine ;D) as well, especially since he yelled at me on the car ride over that Order & Chaos needs to focus on men too. He picked out some round black glass beads half-dipped in an iridescent glaze. Since the beads he chose were indeed nice and included in a two-for sale, I told him he could pick out another kind too. BAD IDEA. Never let a gay guy shop with your money. He came back to me no less than a dozen times with various beads, chains, and doodads that he coerced me into buying by saying things like "These are strange, but I know you can do something with them" and "I know you said 'no more' but these are on clearance and I think you'd like them". Less than twenty minutes later I was standing at the checkout with my hands full of items handpicked by Steve and a few basics that I needed.
Here are just some of the items chosen by Steve displayed artfully on a table at Panera Bread where we had lunch.
Speaking of Panera, I know fiestaware-colored murals with "subtle" loaves of bread and grains are Panera's decor of choice BUT WHAT THE FUCKING 90'S CLIP ART IS THIS!?
Seriously? I'm like the least artistic person on Earth and I could doodle something better than that man. And just what is he eyeing those loaves of bread like that for? I spent my entire lunch staring at this and thinking "The only thing that could possibly be worse than this is if they had wall art featuring screen beans."
Can you picture these guys silhouetted on a background not dissimilar to the one above except with a baguette and a croissant above their heads and perhaps a latte in hand? Dear lord I hope I'm not giving them ideas here. I need to get back on subject.

I think I am going to use some of the beads and items above to create a MANLY line of jewelry. In fact, I'll call it the MANLY line, because I am creative like that and that is the name I came up with as I was thinking about it in the shower this morning. But worry not ladies, I've still got plenty of pretty, flowery ideas floating around in this head of mine (and some fairly unisex ones too). I suppose I could continue to go on about my day out but I don't think anyone would really be interested in me talking about how I spent nearly $500 just wandering around the Waterfront [Code name: "West Mifflin"] with a friend. Instead I'll get some sleep and maybe wake up early and at least begin some kind of craftsy project that I can post on here and share with you all instead of just ripping on bad digital collages at chain restaurants. I hope to hit you up soon with pics, projects, and ideas galore! And sobriety.

Love & Kisses,

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