Tuesday, March 1, 2011

jewelry and apron line designs

yes my eccentric little children, i have projects to share with you. i've been very very busy creating things to show you and a soon we will have them up on etsy! now, i did want to show you all the wonderful things that i created today, but since i don't actually have a good camera i can't take pictures of my work. so i am forced, for the moment, to take pictures with the camera on my phone. i do have a really nice phone and the photos taken with it are normally beautiful for a phone, but for some reason it will not let me email the majority of the pictures. i don't know why. it's being a temperamental little butt.
so here is one of the bracelettes i made today. it's a double stand bracelet, one made of chain and the other is a beaded stand. the beads are ones that i have collected over the years of my jewelry making, some torn from key chains and others found at flea markets and other such places. all of my work is alittle quirky and kind of weird, but mostly adorable. 
 i rather like this one, and i'm half tempted to keep it for myself. haha! but i won't! 

the next photo is a sketch of the apron line i will be working on soon! a trip to the fabric store is in order!!! there's one right down the road from my day job, trust me, some time this week i will be dropping waaaay too much money on fabric and things to make jewelry! 
 now mind you, my little darlings, that these are very very very rough sketches and that i will probably be redoing these and that the aprons themselves once they are finished, may not look like these sketches. the colors may change, but i'm thinking that the designs and the anatomy (i know that's probably not the word i'm looking for) of them will probably stay rather similar.
well, i hope you guys like these and once my phone decides to agree with me or i get a new camera, i will get those other photos up for you! 

i think that's about it for now kiddys! 


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  1. I need to see that bracelet in person fer sure. -C.


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