Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All of a sudden anything seems possible.

Coco here. Sorry I've been a bit quiet as of recent, I've been busy and sick. Hooray tainted peanut butter!
But fear not my little Orderlies and Chaoites, I shall not be conquered by such a thing as Salmonella (Fitzgerald). But even deathly (is that really a word or did the Harry Potter lady make it up?) illness could not keep me from designing new jewelry for you lot. Unfortunately posting from my mobile does not allow me to upload pictures so later tonight I'll probably just dump some pictures here for you all to marvel at and drool over. In the time since I've last posted I made two double strand bracelets, one of which fits into the "Cute as a..." collection. I also finished the "Bad Wine and Lemon Cake" necklace by cleaning it up and stringing it on some black ribbon. Perhaps I will give working with plastic another go now that that is finished. My order from that online craft store came in and I learned an unfortunate lesson about ordering things online. Most of the beads I ordered looked nothing like the ones in the pictures. Some of them didn't even look like anything I ordered. I was able to find use for some of the stuff in the order and will be hitting you up soon woth some hemp pieces, elegant bracelets and chokers, and some long-awaited MANLY items. Stay tuned!

Love and kisses,

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