Sunday, March 6, 2011

blogs help holly destress...

woah, what a day it's been.... well my shift here at the day job is almost done and it's been a heck of a day. let me tell you... actually i won't, i'm going to skip all of the detail of my frustration and go straight to the fun stuff!!

my recent stalking adventure have been directed towards the always beautiful joellen love and her always interesting and gorgeous clothes. i've been enjoying her photos off and on all day today, that is when i've got a second to sit down. i would concider checking her out. she takes very pretty pictures! i apologize for my lack of eloquence when it comes to my words today, my brain is alittle fried. so you're not going to get anything fancier than 'pretty' from me at the moment. so please show her some lovin'!

i found a hysterical link on her page to a wikipedia i didn't even know there was an actual name for it. hmmm... well amanda now you have a scientific word for your condition! haha! kidding <3
my love and i were out and about last night and i got to go to the craft store! yippee! and picked up tons of goodies!
i can not wait to dive into all of this goodness and create some amazing things for our store! i'm also planning a trip to southside soon, so maybe i can find some neato pendants down at the culture shop and a few other places! squeeeee! so check back often for fun new thingers!!
does anybody know how this beautiful creature is???????
haha! just kidding i know who she is! she's mother fucking florence welch! good god, her voice is magic! and everything she wears is straight from the fashion gods! she and miss gaga are my recent inspirations! i've been looking to them for inspiration for my clothing designs lately.

i can't wait to show you the sketches and actually get something made! i need to do some heavy thrifting! i think i may do alittle on tuesday, so check back for that too! i'm hoping to do a bunch of stuff again on tuesday! its really my only day off that i don't get absolutely distracted! the weekends are terrible for me as far as working on any project, i'm over my love's all weekend and all i want to do is snuggle and play video games with him! i'm a terrible craft-tress (yep, new word i JUST came up with, i guess my brain is coming back to life! yes!)!
but when i do finally get things done, there will be lots of lace and leather and hand-stitched wonderful ness! i've got so many many many ideas!

on a stranger note. does anybody play the Pokemon games??? my love just got me started on it. i'm starting off with generation 1, that's the proper thing to do i'm told! i've been protesting playing those games for literally YEARS, like since they came out. i've never in my life played a single one, honestly it's amanda's fault. when we were younger and awkward and kind of hated each other and where still competing against one another, instead of working together, that's all she talked about for a good while. and i hated everything that amanda liked. i regret this now. but i'm actually sort of kinda enjoying Pokemon. yea, it's hard for me to admit... i have no idea why though. but i just thought i'd share my latest endevours with all of you heavenly people! <3

that's about it for now! i'll right more maybe tomorrow! later kiddos!

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