Wednesday, March 9, 2011

recent finds. and a polyvore.

hey there kiddos... yes, i know i haven't been keeping up with the blog and the twitter as much this week. i've been so exhausted, it's almost unreal. well, enough of me whining. let's get onto the interesting shit!

first off! i did alittle thrift shopping yesterday and found some neato stuff. pictures will be up later... but on my way back home i stopped at the local rite aid to get something to drink. of coarse i can not walk into a store that has a cosmetic section without at least passing through it to see if there's anything interesting. well, i did find something fun this time! 
now, for anyone that knows me well...they will tell you that i hardly EVER wear lipstick. i just don't like the way that it feels and its so much up keep. but i'm a sucker for a good lip balm or chapstick! but everynow and then i do crave a little color for my lips, and yesterday i found the perfect balance.
covergirl has just come out with their new natureluxe line and i really like the gloss balm that they have. i bought the coral color and i think it looks super cute! it's light and stays on for a good while without fade. it doesn't feel gross like a sticky normal gloss and it doesn't feel really heavy and flaky like lipstick. and on top of all of this wonderfullness, it has just a little tiny bit of shimmer too! so go pick up a tube for yourself! i highly recommend it.

i recently subscribed to NYLON magazine, again. i let me subscription run out and was like 'oh! i don't need to get a magazine, that's so frivolous and unnecessary!"yep, i am weak. i bought another subscription. any way... i was flipping through the latest issue and saw a bunch of neato stuff i want to share with you guys!! now, keep in mind most of this, in my opinion, is very overpriced. now, i'm scottish, so being a cheap ass comes with the territory. i will not pay over $30 for a pair of jeans. but i do like to look at pretty things! so enjoy!

anna sui's spring line is absolutely darling in all it's bohemian glory! check it out...
 has your adorable little brains exploded with amazingness yet? i'm sorry i'm about to kill it with more...

the makeup and hair in yves saint laurent's spring line drives me crazy! in a good way. it makes me want to stay out of the sun forever! and possibly move to sweden. i don't know what that's about.
 another fantastic find i stumbled over in my magazine... schmutzerland

What is Schmutzerland

Schmutzerland is an independent accessories and life style company bringing you the most imaginative in handmade necklaces, rings, brooches and hair accessories. We believe that our designs should be fun and entertaining as well as exceptionally well made.

Since 2008, Schmutzerland has been dishing out our own grass roots creativity and flare, that captures our unique view of the world. We are proud to be part of the ever expanding DIY community. All Schmutzerland products are hand assembled, with the utmost care given to quality and craftsmanship.

(taken from the website)


i love love love their stuff... it's a little quirky and a little cute. and the best part... reasonably priced!! here's a few samples.

 i really like all of the things that they're doing! 


have you ever heard about the traveling boutique wanderlust??? me either! that is until today... they're based out of portland. and really, they just make me want to go to portland that much more! check out these photos! 

 if anybody's in portland, tell this wonderful lady that holly from O&C loves her! hah!

okay... you might need to sit down for this one. well, if you're reading this on a computer, you're probably sitting anyways, but seriously, prepare yourself for awesome...

wonder woman MAC cosmetics line. yes, i'm serious.

 ummm why yes, i would like to do my makeup like wonder woman. thank you for asking! shiiiit! who ever came up with this one is a god damned genius. comic book heroine makeup! does it get better??? no. okay... maybe... comic book villain vixen makeup. (pssst...MAC! how about some harley quinn?? plz?)

alright to wrap up my finds from my NYLON mag, it's my favorite columnist peaches geldof. i think she's absolutely gorgeous and her writings are witty and rather humerous! i try and read most of what she writes, she is mainly why i renewed my subscription to be completely honest :) 

 kind of a girl crush, i can't lie.

 well, beyond all of this fabuluoscity, i have even more! i know, mind blowing, right? 

as all of you already know, i love free people and all that they do! i found this video a while back before i had this blog. and i would love to share it... i'm probably going to do this with my hair once it get a tincy bit longer. 

i think it looks super rad!

also this one is pretty neat too!

it makes me want to dye my hair a million crazy colors! (coco, hair dye party soon??? hit me up girlfrannnnn!)

 OH! and i almost forgot...polyvore.

"the nerdy dude's girl friend" 

well i'm thinkin' that's enough for today
XOXO, holly

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