Friday, March 4, 2011

what day is it??? it's friday! you know what that means....

hello there lovelies! 

yes, again here we are on a friday talking about fashion! then again...what day do i not have something to say about fashion? ha! any ways, this week's frugal friday segment is dedicated to the beautiful and always inspiring lady gaga, mother monster! amanda and i went to see her this past saturday and it was such a wonderful experience, that no lie, i cried! i've NEVER cried at a concert. i really don't even cry at movies, well unless it's titanic! how can you not cry? at the end when jack is waiting for rose at the top of the stairs and he reaches out her hand and she smiles... uhh ok enough, before i start bawling all over my computer! kidding...

well, let's just say that show changed the way i want to go about certain things. like how i present myself to the world. she's a big stickler on being true to yourself and not giving a shit what any one else thinks. i found that to be very liberating! (i think that's what she was going for) 

so this week, i dedicate my frugal friday to mother monster! she is a breath of fresh beautiful air when it comes to the entertainment industry! i love her! 


so there you have it! now go forth and be the little freaks i know you are inside! and... BE PROUD OF IT!!
(oh! p.s. yes, i know there's no actual shirt. the bra is the shirt, to be worn under the jacket. it's sexy!)

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